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What better way to get around a busy hustling city than riding a bike, or taking an accessible method of transport like the TTC? I have come to love biking around Toronto in my city Babboe with my kids bumping around in the bucket. They love it as well and we often see regulars along the way who stop us and say hello or offer a smile. The traffic in this city is insane and wasting all that time does not serve me well. If you work or live near the bus or subway, give it a try one day and see how much time it saves you on your travels!

The Babboe bike is my number one mode of transportation these days. There is nothing like feeling free, and with a cargobike you expand your mobile freedom enormously. Children, the dog, groceries, toys and the carrycot; it all fits in the cargobike. Nothing can stand in the way of a fun day out with the family. Moreover, every journey in the cargobike is great fun for children. A cargobike is convenient, safe, enjoyable and a sustainable mode of transport.

It is definitely the best part of my day when I am biking with my children in the bike and they love it much more than sitting in the car. We pass people who smile and wave and see some of the same people everyday. Biking in Toronto is much faster and easier to get around in then sitting in the horrible traffic. You should definitely consider getting one for your family!


The TTC people! We are so fortunate to live in a city that has such an easy public transportation system… use it!

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