Are All Dental Implants The Same?

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Dr. Ira Schecter DDS

Dental Implants were introduced to the North American marketplace for consumer use in 1982. At that time there were only 4 known Dental Implant manufacturing companies, each with their own identifying feature. Over the years, the number of companies manufacturing and selling dental implants has mushroomed to over 80 producers world-wide today.
The dental implant is simply the root replacement device that is inserted into the patient’s bone.. Dr. P. I. Branemark was the innovative surgeon who discovered the binding effect of titanium to the bone tissue.  Thus, as long as any implant fixture is made of titanium, the human bone will be attracted to it. Gum quality nor quantity has no influence on the success of dental implant therapy.
It must be understood by the patient that not all dental implant systems are the same.
There are many factors that must be taken into account when a Dentist chooses the Dental Implants that are used and the patient must be educated to ask the necessary and appropriate questions.
Dental Implants usually have some type of surface modification to enhance their integration into the host bone.  The restorative connection of the Dental Implant is also of paramount importance. Implants should never be selected that require components to be cemented into the restorative chmaber as they will never be able to be retrieved, and the internal area of the implant will be destroyed forever.
Dental Implants should be selected from reputable companies where there is a guarantee of at least 25 years of stocking of components. One never knows when a restorative component may break from the stress under constant function in the mouth. These components must be readily availble as the need arises or else the entire restoration will have to be replaced at a much more significant cost.
The best advice to patients is to never be afraid or intimidated to ask the needed questions.
Use the internet to verify the validity and the integrity of the recommended Dental Implant company. Check the research the company presents and as well how widely used the product is. There certainly is no benefit to the patient to have an implant that is not utilized by many dentists,. One must always be prepared for the possible eventuality that the initial dental provider will not be able to provide follow –up care for whatever reason.

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