Are Ceramic Dental Implants Better than Titanium?

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Ceramic Dental Implants, owing to their bio compatibility, high density and ability to withstand abuse, are a far superior product when compared to metal for implantation in the human body.

Zirconia Implants are also an excellent choice as a dental implant material. Zirconia is a specialized Ceramic material used in many Holistic Dental Offices because it is metal free and does not have electronic properties.

All-ceramic dental crown placed over an all-ceramic dental implant look and function very much like the natural tooth and they provide a top-to-bottom metal-free teeth replacement solution.

This eliminates concerns of allergies and biocompatibility issues thereby lessening potential for damage to the immune system and adverse health problems. The term ‘bioceramics’ applies to a wide range of materials that, when compared to traditionally used metal implants, are harder and have higher temperature resistance, strength, very high density and excellent resistance to corrosion.

These properties make ceramics invaluable for use in the oral environment where high temperature, corrosion and constant abrasion is ever present.

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