Ceramics + Implants

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We are proud to be one of the first dental offices in Canada to use an all ceramic dental implant. Ceramic is a luxury to have in your mouth. Our Z system implants is an all ceramic implant system with zero detectable conductivity. We have been placing these implants successfully in our office and patients have been happy with the results.

Regain your function, your aesthetics, and your comfort by having implants placed in your mouth. The dentists will review your needs and initiate an individualized treatment plan that works for you. Utilize our experience to properly plan your case. You will understand the risks and benefits of removable and fixed tooth replacement options.

We are proud to offer complete service from implant placement to final restoration. You will not have to waste precious time or money travelling to various dental clinics. We have experience replacing single teeth and rehabilitating full mouths. As a patient, you will never leave the office without a temporary aesthetic solution. Offering titanium and zirconia implants and all ceramic bridges to better serve you.


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