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Osteopathy is a holistic manual medicine which focuses on movement and circulation. Its philosophy is that when each and every part of the body is moving properly and all fluids are circulating the way they are designed at a healthy pace the body is able to function in a state called Health.

Osteopathy is worldwide known for results in treatment of back pain, neck pain and joint pain.
More and more people consult an osteopath to resolve digestive disorders, chronic pain, functional diseases, during pregnancy or after birth for both parents and babies.

Besides Osteopathy offers a large variety of techniques to address dental issues. It considers teeth to be more than just pieces of bones seating on a jaw. Teeth are alive organs, a reflection of our diet, our posture, our health.

During odontogenesis (embryologic development) teeth partially originate from the ectomesenchyme which is the same origin as skin, senses organs, nervous system and brain. Although teeth went through the process of ossification, they share the same origin with our senses organ, our proprioception, our interaction with the outside world, our nervous system.

Cranial osteopathy is a branch of osteopathy developing in the early 20th century. It works on cranial membranes (dura-mater), balancing their tension, allowing the cerebro-spinal fluids to flow unrestricted and nourish each part of the brain. As a result a biorhythm animates the entire cranium. This same biorhythm resonates on the teeth. Osteopathy uses the gentle natural strength of this movement to help relaxing tension in the jaw and teeth.
With a complete assessment of posture, feet arches, spine alignment and jaw tension, the osteopath aims to unlock unnecessary tension responsible for non-medical dental issues.

In collaboration osteopath and holistic dentist target the cause of your suffering, and establish a tangible tailored treatment plan to better serve you.

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