Do You Have A Blue Tooth?

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Do you have a Bluetooth? Ironically enough, if you did have a tooth that was turning blue you would no doubt be in panic mode.
We would most likely need to pull it out.. or “unplug” if you will. The same goes for our multiple “Bluetooth” devices that have infiltrated their way into our lives.
“Unplug”, disconnect and remove the source of the problem, because sadly my friends, these are potentially harming you more than that we know.
You may end up choosing a wired head set or downloading music in your car next time, rather than living with a BLUE TOOTH!
****PS- if you really do find yourself with a tooth that is turning BLUE, come and visit us ASAP on #stclairwest in Toronto… as for that… we can help!

Read more HERE on this subject and get to know what’s going on in our digital world of wireless pollution.

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