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Dr. Ira Schecter DDS

At Schecter Dental we are always striving to embrace new technology to not only make the dental experience more pleasant and efficient for the patient but as well to enhance the success of the dental treatment we provide.

Years ago we introduced Photo-Biomodulation therapy which utilized an external infra red light source to stimulate the release of the cellular enzyme that has been specifically identified as being responsible for catalyzing the process of new bone formation.

Now we can go one step further and utilize the body’s very own products to aid in the healing process. The plasma that circulates in one’s blood system is extremely rich in proteins and growth factors that promote healing in any surgical site.  We can now separate the fibrin from the plasma and create either fibrin plugs to fill in bone defects after a tooth extraction, or a biological membrane to protect the surgical site from invasive inflammatory cells that would negate the effect of the body’s healing and reparative cells. All that we have to do is draw a few tubes of blood from one’s arm which is no different than a normal blood draw, and then the centrifuge will spin the blood products down and allow us to prepare the fibrin from the plasma accordingly.

This isn’t experimental but a proven benefit of the body’s own healing mechanism and with this new therapy the healing process can only be enhanced and improved.

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