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I am definitely not a guru when it comes to fashion, let alone someone who knows anything when it comes to what to wear. I am happy in my old t-shirts from University, a comfortable pair of pants and my trusty old teva’s. Although my wife would like it otherwise, I have a very limited collection of clothes.

That being said, what I do feel strongly about is the quality of my clothes. My preference would be for them to be made some something sustainable such as a well sourced bamboo, I would even be happy wearing organic cotton. I try my best not to wear things made in China and prefer Canadian made clothing from small local companies.

Yes, that comes with a higher price point, which is why I have a very limited selection. Quality over quantity foresure when it comes to fashion. We are lucky enough to live in a city such as Toronto that is thriving with local eco-friendly clothing and other accessory companies who can provide me with all that I need.
I suggest you check out the One of A Kind Show that comes to Toronto twice a year where I stock up for the year, or two, or three, for that matter. Happy local, small shop shopping!

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