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Yes, the argument against using healthy products and avoiding WIFI and toxicity is that it is unavoidable and surrounds us everywhere we go. It is true that I cannot control what is going on around me when I step foot outside of my home or outside of my office. Inside my home, however, I can control how much toxicity + chemicals come through. Protecting myself and my family inside my home is of utmost importance to me and something I like to focus on, often.


Since March 2009 Strawsome has been working towards sufficient awareness and action to forever eliminate the need for single-use plastic drinking straws. Their mission is to provide the world’s most artistic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious drinking straw. Combined with a lifetime warranty and great customer service, there’s every reason to join the alternative straw movement and eliminate the need for single-use plastic drinking straws.
In my house, my kids are only familiar with glass straws + metal straws (next item). They are easy to clean with a special straw cleaner and my kids don’t have to chew on nasty plastic or cause more waste.

Onyx is a company who wanted alternatives to plastic. While searching for non-plastic bottles, cups, plates, snack containers etc. they discovered that anything of any quality is hard to find and over priced.
They believe that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank. The products that they carry are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions and are very fairly priced.
What I like about this company, is that the founders use all the products themselves. They use high quality food grade stainless steel which is great for hot, cold + food safety. Another favourite in our house to drink from and we often hear my 2 year old saying “metal straw… metal straw.”

LunchBots was started by Jacqueline Linder, a mom who was concerned about chemicals in plastic leaching into her food. She knew that stainless steel was a healthier alternative, plus it was lightweight and unbreakable too. Jacqueline searched worldwide but couldn’t find high-quality stainless steel food containers, so she decided to design them herself.
In 2008, she started LunchBots in her garage. Today, LunchBots is still a family-owned business committed to designing healthy containers that make it easy for you to pack healthy meals to go. We have them in all sizes, shapes and colours which make it fun for the kids to choose which style they want on any given day. Whether it is for myself, or my kids, I am always carrying these containers in my bag.

Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye! Jude’s Miracle Cloth will clean better than all of them.
Microfiber as a raw material was first invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto of Japan in the late 1970’s and the first commercial production of microfiber commenced in 1989.Since that time microfiber has been enhanced a thousand fold and endless new applications are still being discovered. One of the most exciting uses to emerge for this new textile is within the cleaning industry. When high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material. Microfiber textiles designed for cleaning are not just a cloth, but in fact a scientifically engineered precision tool that allows cleaning on a microscopic scale. According to field tests done at the University of California-Davis hospital, using microfiber materials to clean a surface reduces the number of bacteria by 99% whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces this number by only 33%. This cloth is eco-friendly, Child & pet safe and saves on tons of paper towel rolls!


The most unavoidable source of waste is of course, toilet paper! In our house, and at the clinic, I choose Caboo products. I use Caboo for tissue as well. Because bamboo and sugarcane are grasses rather than hardwoods, they both grow very quickly and, after harvest, grow back just as quickly – in as little as three to four months (trees can take up to 30 years to grow). No replanting is necessary – unlike trees, which never grow back after being cut down. About 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced from trees each day.
Switching to Caboo can help save rainforests, water, and wildlife, and can make a real impact on reversing climate change. Bamboo can grow in environments with depleted soil and little water and actually returns nutrients to the soil, which improves degraded areas. Bamboo also doesn’t require fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. An added and very important benefit is that Caboo paper is made from bamboo species that are not food sources for pandas.
Sugarcane is much like bamboo, with an added environmental bonus. The “bagasse” – the dry fibrous residue that remains after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks – is what we use to make our paper.  Normally this bagasse is either disposed of or burned, which means that we are repurposing what would otherwise be discarded. Talk about renewable!
I like using Caboo paper because it is a more sustainable choice. It is a softer product than recycled paper. And it’s strong, too – bamboo’s natural qualities make a paper that’s been tested to be stronger than recycled tissue of the same weight. It’s also 100% biodegradable because its fibres quickly dissolve back into the earth – making it safe for all disposal systems.


Eco-Max cleaners are truly green. They are made from 100% plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable, renewable and sustainable, making them the natural choice when cleaning for the environment. Their formulations are far safer than traditional, toxic cleaning chemicals; all without sacrificing the cleaning power you’re used to.
They incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils for a more enjoyable cleaning experience. We will never use synthetic fragrances and because our cleaners are all natural, you will never smell harmful fumes while cleaning again.
These green cleaners are manufactured in Canada with the highest standards in mind. They are EcoLogoTM certified, yet far surpass certification requirements. We publish our tests results on each product page and aren’t afraid to list our ingredients. We invite you to discover true green!

In the early 1960s, the founder Nature Clean’s mother suffered allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products. To help her, their dad began developing his own natural formulations. Since then, the family has continued the tradition of creating healthier, non-toxic alternatives for the products we all use in our homes every day.
We use their dishwasher tabs in the clinic and in my home. They work great as long as you rinse your dishes well and contain none of the toxic ingredients of most other dishwasher tabs.

Tried and true, white vinegar has been around for a long time and works wonders when cleaning a home. Simple, clean and disinfectant, vinegar can be used on almost any surface. If you have a strong aversion to the smell, it may not be the right cleaner for you, however you can always add a drop of DoTerra’s essential oils for a more pleasant smell of your choice.

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