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Our white blood cells produce ozone gas to combat disease. Ozone therapy is safe and very effective.

Ozone therapy is an amplification of our own natural response. Our neutrophils, class of white blood cells, produce ozone gas to combat disease. Ozone therapy is safe and very effective. One molecule of ozone is more effective than 5000 molecules of chlorine. The negative charge acts like a strong magnet and pulls the ozone towards the positive charge of the inflammation and infection.

As a small gas, it can penetrate everywhere. In addition to the dental benefits, ozone can have a remarkable impact on systemic function as well. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory impact is quite broad spectrum.

Ozone therapy has become ubiquitous in our practice. It is a cornerstone of our gum and cavity preventive protocols. Ozone can be infused around the gums, sprayed onto a decayed surface, and used at home in oil. We have found ozone to reduce infection, prevent root canal therapy, and reduce temperature sensitivity. We also offer ozone to fumigate root canals prior to filling them.


The centrifuge spins the blood for about six minutes, separating the red and white blood cells and the platelet-rich plasma.

We are always striving to embrace new technology to not only make the dental experience more pleasant and efficient for the patient but as well to enhance the success of the dental treatment we provide.

Years ago we introduced Photo-Biomodulation therapy which utilized an external infra red light source to stimulate the release of the cellular enzyme that has been specifically identified as being responsible for catalyzing the process of new bone formation.

Now we can go one step further and utilize the body’s very own products to aid in the healing process. The plasma that circulates in one’s blood system is extremely rich in proteins and growth factors that promote healing in any surgical site.  We can now separate the fibrin from the plasma and create either fibrin plugs to fill in bone defects after a tooth extraction, or a biological membrane to protect the surgical site from invasive inflammatory cells that would negate the effect of the body’s healing and reparative cells.

All that we have to do is draw a few tubes of blood from one’s arm which is no different than a normal blood draw, and then the centrifuge will spin the blood products down and allow us to prepare the fibrin from the plasma accordingly.

This isn’t experimental but a proven benefit of the body’s own healing mechanism and with this new therapy the healing process can only be enhanced and improved. Read more about Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy


The Canary scan is incredible new technology used to evaluate the extent of decay in individual teeth. There is no radiation involved. Rather, we use thermography and light refraction to provide you with a detailed report regarding the location and extent of decay. We can use this as a baseline to institute preventive measures as well as monitor success.

This will give us an excellent indication as to the health of your restorations as well as minimize radiation long term. This will allow us to monitor your tooth balance the same way the plaque analysis can monitor your gum balance.

We can try various preventive measures and evaluate progress/success with the canary scan. This is an important tool to ascertain if your teeth are deteriorating, maintaining, or remineralizing. Once we complete the scan, the doctors will review a long term preventive approach. Typically we focus on office follow up scans along with ozone treatment and remineralisation powder.

It is time for a paradigm shift in dentistry. It is time to stop reacting to disease and start preventing. As doctors, we want to be healers rather than tooth mechanics.


We analyze the plaque that forms around the teeth in order to see whether there is an infection and, if so, what is causing the infection. Read more here on why this process is a staple in our office and a part of our biological approach to dentistry.


The use of amalgam fillings (silver or mercury fillings), is a well researched dental controversy. The continuous release of mercury may contribute to several chronic health issues. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known. As well, there is concern over the generated galvanic effect, an electrical current generated in the mouth.

The human body typically runs on a -2 mv/s current. When we measure these fillings, they can test up to -30 mv/s. These are the potential risks of the amalgam fillings. We cannot predict how they may affect you as an individual.

When it comes time to replace older amalgam fillings, it is important to ensure no mercury gets absorbed into the system during the replacement. We offer an effective protocol involving a special suction unit, contained breathing source, and the requisite drilling technique amongst other nuances.

We are removing a potential source of mercury but not addressing any potential systemic load stored in your system. We can help direct you to various options to explore this health concern.


Surgically clean air is a high end premium indoor air purification system. Click here and find out why we love it!


A panorex is a two-dimensional x-ray. It displays both jaws, the upper and lower, and the teeth, on the same film at the same time. Instantaneous digital x-rays and panorex allow for quicker and more accurate imaging while dramatically reducing radiation; digital x-rays reduce radiation by 50 – 90%.

Coupling this with the Canary Scan allows for unparalleled diagnostic capabilities. We are one of the first offices in Toronto to convert to Digital. This has completely changed the way we can practice dentistry. Our patients no longer have to wait 5 minutes for an x-ray to develop. The detail and definition of the digital x-rays are unmatched. They can also be quickly emailed to specialists or patients when this is required.

Going digital has eliminated the harsh chemicals and lead packets previously used develop x-rays. We have managed to eliminate the two major sources of waste at the dental office, the radiograph waste and the mercury from the amalgam fillings.


The laser is used during surgery to cut soft tissue. It stops bleeding, is anti-bacterial and is used to disinfect root canals instead of using harsh chemicals.


Kangen water is a creative water technology. The devices filter tap water and produce ionized alkaline + acidic waters through electrolysis. To find out more click here.


We are in the first 5% of commercial offices to go 100% LEDlighting. We have colour changing lights to mimic a natural outdoor experience.


Our massage chair is provided for patients to relax as they make use of our recovery and ozone rooms before or after surgery.


The intramural camera displays clear, colourful images, allowing dentists to point to any issues and discuss them with you.


We offer our patients full access to Netflix entertainment while they are in the dental chair. A favourite among kids!


Digital x-rays allow for quicker and more accurate imaging while dramatically reducing radiation. Find out more here on digital x-rays and why these are our choice x-rays in our office.

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