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The Canary scan is incredible new technology used to evaluate the extent of decay in individual teeth. There is no radiation involved. Rather, we use thermography and light refraction to provide you with a detailed report regarding the location and extent of decay. We can use this as a baseline to institute preventive measures as well as monitor success.

This will give us an excellent indication as to the health of your restorations as well as minimize radiation long term. This will allow us to monitor your tooth balance the same way the plaque analysis can monitor your gum balance.
We can try various preventive measures and evaluate progress/success with the canary scan. This is an important tool to ascertain if your teeth are deteriorating, maintaining, or remineralizing. Once we complete the scan, the doctors will review a long term preventive approach. Typically we focus on office follow up scans along with ozone treatment and remineralisation powder.

It is time for a paradigm shift in dentistry. It is time to stop reacting to disease and start preventing. As doctors, we want to be healers rather than tooth mechanics.


Instantaneous digital x-rays and panorex allow for quicker and more accurate imaging while dramatically reducing radiation; digital x-rays reduce radiation by 50 – 90%. Coupling this with the Canary Scan allows for unparalleled diagnostic capabilities. We are one of the first offices in Toronto to convert to Digital. This has completely changed the way we can practice dentistry. Our patients no longer have to wait 5 minutes for an x-ray to develop. The detail and definition of the digital x-rays are unmatched. They can also be quickly emailed to specialists or patients when this is required.

Going digital has eliminated the harsh chemicals and lead packets previously used develop x-rays. We have managed to eliminate the two major sources of waste at the dental office, the radiograph waste and the mercury from the amalgam fillings.


Begin to explore true prevention. Appreciate the regular dedication required at home to maintain a healthy mouth. As well, understand the critical role that life balance and diet plays in the optimal health of your mouth and body. We will recommend a dental plaque analysis, used as a window into your oral health and subsequently into your overall health.

We take a small sample of your saliva and dental plaque and look at it under the microscope together with you. The doctors will formulate an individualized preventative protocol. This will typically involve a systemic layer, an in office layer, and a home layer.

It is important to identify the root cause of gum disease and commit to dental health balance. We combine general wellness, pH balance, proper hygiene protocols, herbal irrigation, ozone therapy, (see below) and regular hygiene visits.

We view surgery as a last ditch effort to protect your gums. Even with surgery, it is important to support yourself with a proper long term preventative plan.


Ozone therapy is an amplification of our own natural response. Our neutrophils, class of white blood cells, produce ozone gas to combat disease. Ozone therapy is safe and very effective. One molecule of ozone is more effective than 5000 molecules of chlorine. The negative charge acts like a strong magnet and pulls the ozone towards the positive charge of the inflammation and infection.

As a small gas, it can penetrate everywhere. In addition to the dental benefits, ozone can have a remarkable impact on systemic function as well. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory impact is quite broad spectrum.

Ozone therapy has become ubiquitous in our practice. It is a cornerstone of our gum and cavity preventive protocols. Ozone can be infused around the gums, sprayed onto a decayed surface, and used at home in oil. We have found ozone to reduce infection, prevent root canal therapy, and reduce temperature sensitivity. We also offer ozone to fumigate root canals prior to filling them.


The mouth is the entrance to the body. It is the major entrance for microbes and disease. Critical pathways are initiated in the mouth such as digestion and absorption of nutrients. General well being is reflected in oral health.
As well, oral health impacts our systemic health. The materials and toxins that are used in dentistry can potentially impact our entire systems.

There is tremendous collaboration between our immune, digestive, cardiovascular, neural, and skeletal systems. We have realized success treating dental symptoms with systemic modalities. We have also reduced “distant” malaise with dental treatment.

We are proud to work closely with a knowledgeable team of trained osteopaths, naturopathic doctors, and homeopaths The multidisciplinary approach to health is the proven effective approach to consistent, dependable health.

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