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At Schecter Dental, our focus continues to be on reducing toxicity and minimizing invasiveness. We are also conscience of our ecological footprint, working towards responsible corporate citizenship.

Patients and colleagues often ask me how this relates on a practical level. This blog series will highlight various products we have selected to help facilitate our vision.

You can also find out what Dr. Mike has to say about the products he loves so much and why he is so selective in his choices. Get a sneak peak into what products he chooses not only at Schecter Dental, but also in his personal life and for his children.

Ozone therapy has become ubiquitous in our practice. It is a cornerstone of our gum and cavity preventive protocols. Ozone can be infused around the gums, sprayed onto a decayed surface, and used at home in oil. We have found ozone to reduce infection, prevent root canal therapy, and reduce temperature sensitivity.

We also offer ozone to fumigate root canals prior to filling them. One molecule of ozone is more effective than 5000 molecules of chlorine. The negative charge acts like a strong magnet and pulls the ozone towards the positive charge of the inflammation and infection.

After seeing such amazing results using ozone in our practice as a gas, we decided it was time that there was an ozone oil on the market that was pure, simple, effective and locally made. We formulated SHEC’S Ozone Oil and started using it on a daily basis.

Through the bacterial killing action of ozone, this oil will neutralize decay at the source, remineralize the structure
of your tooth, and provide anti-cavity benefits that are excellent for periodontal health, reducing teeth temperature
sensitivity, and inhibiting gum infections.

This products is organic and free from pesticides, petrochemicals, genetically modified ingredients, sulphates and parabens.
The Purpose: To heal and soothe cuts, scrapes and burns. Ozone is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory. It works wonders for tooth sensitivity, decay prevention and gum infections.

The Strategy: This miracle product should be applied to a problem spot and should be repeated as often as needed. There are no side effects or interactions.

The Ingredients:

extra virgin cold pressed olive oil infused with ozone and oxygen
This product is made in Canada, in small batches and backed by science. Can be purchased in our office.

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