Product Spotlight #2: Shecs Post Surgical Mouth Rinse

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At Schecter Dental, our focus continues to be on reducing toxicity and minimizing invasiveness. We are also conscience of our ecological footprint, working towards responsible corporate citizenship.
Patients and colleagues often ask me how this relates on a practical level.

This blog series will highlight various products we have selected to help facilitate our vision. You can also find out what Dr. Mike has to say about the products he loves so much and why he is so selective in his choices. Get a sneak peak into what products he chooses not only at Schecter Dental, but also in his personal life and for his children.

The most popular post surgical rinse prescribed in oral surgery is chlorhexidine. This rinse has been proven effective to reduce the incidence of infection as it reduces microbial levels. Unfortunatley, chlorhexidine is very strong and will burn taste buds and stain teeth yellow.

Moreover, it is a chemical compound which can alter the healthy flora balance in your mouth. It is critical to maintain healthy flora for long term health, enzyme activity, digestion, and cavity prevention. We collaborated 10 years ago with Global Botanical  to create an effective healthy alternative to chlorhexidine. We came up with Shecs rinse.

This rinse is effective, tasty, and gentle. Patients love the feel and flavour. Instead of decimating healthy flora, Shecs rinse promotes healing and supports the natural microbes found in the mouth. The appropriate balance of echinacea, goldenseal, tea tree, co-enzyme q 10, and aloe create the base for the rinse.

This product is manufactured locally in a responsible facility. We are proud to boast that chlorhexidine is not found in our office. This product definitely tops our favourite products list and is second on our Product Spotlight list. 

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