Product Spotlight # 3 Clinical Luxury By Design Body Soap

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At Schecter Dental, our focus continues to be on reducing toxicity and minimizing invasiveness. We are also conscience of our ecological footprint, working towards responsible corporate citizenship. Patients and colleagues often ask how this relates on a practical level.

This blog series will highlight various products we have selected to help facilitate our vision. You can also find out what Dr. Mike has to say about the products he loves so much and why he is so selective in his choices. Get a sneak peak into what products he chooses not only at Schecter Dental, but also in his personal life and for his children.

“I love using Graydon’s All Over Body Soap + Shampoo in my everyday life. As a dentist, I wash my hands often throughout the day. Most soaps cause my hands to crack and become dry, or leave a strong smelling odor that some patients are sensitive to. Graydon’s soap a very natural smell and leaves my hands feeling moist after each wash.

It is infused with only plant based and coconut ingredients which makes me comfortable knowing that no chemicals are being going into my skin when I wash.” Dr. Schecter

If you walk into Schecter Dental, you can find this soap in each washroom as the hand soap, as well as in the shower in the spa + sauna area. This soap is on all washing stations in the office for hygienists, dentists and assistants and everyone enjoys using it.

We are thankful to have found a product that is made locally, in small batches, and is chemical free. It is very important that the products we use at Schecter Dental represent our vision of sustainability and a toxic free environment.

Whoever Dr. Mike, knows that he is extremely picky when it comes to the products that he uses in his house and with his family as well. Thankfully for Graydon, there is a safe soap to use to wash his children’s hair and bodies.

There are many bottles of this soap floating around his home, it’s almost as if each member of the family has their own bottle! What’s even better is that is does foam up and create bubbles in the bath which makes a fun bath time for the little ones.

The All Over Soap + Shampoo is definitely one of our favourite products both at work and at home. It is safe, local, trustworthy, eco-friendly, non-toxic and gentle for the whole family.

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