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Follow this series for our favourite vegan and paleo recipe ideas, tricks and thoughts.

In the Schecter house, we try to keep our meals either vegan, or paleo (except Dr. Mike) since he is a strict vegan.

The idea behind this is to keep meals pure, simple and combine foods together that will provide us with the utmost nutrition possible while avoiding unnecessary foods.

Feeding kids a vegan diet means a lot of rice (at least for us since we don’t eat wheat) and so if we aim for some of our meals to be paleo, we break up the cycle and give our bodies a rest from the rice and legume varieties.

For example, if we are feeding our kids chicken (even though they usually refuse it because as Mike says “they are true vegans at heart, having had 3-6 years where they had never tasted meat”), we would give them salad or a green veggie with the chicken. They don’t need the empty nutrition of rice alone if they are having the protein from the meat.

And so since this is how we feed our kids, alternating between paleo and vegan, the recipes in this series are broken down into Vegan and Paleo.

We will share 5 of our go to, and favourite vegan breakfast recipes, 5 vegan lunches, 5 vegan dinners and the same for Paleo breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

We hope that you enjoy the selection. They will be coming out weekly on our blogs- stay tuned and we hope that you test them out, one by one and use the links provided to find endless options from any given recipe creator.

These are not recipes that we have created ourselves, and so each one is linked to the recipe where you can find the ingredients, directions and more about any individual chef.

Each recipe link can be found at the bottom of each blog post! Enjoy!

Starting off with an all time kid favourite Vegan Breakfast Treat is of course, none other than a heartwarming comforting delicious recipe for …..

Vegan Breakfast #1: Vegan Pancakes

We rarely eat pancakes for breakfast. It’s either eggs, avocado and pesto, or on vegan days, soaked chia topped with lots of fruit, always including banana and hemp seeds.

This pancake recipe, however, is for that odd time (maybe once a year) and is for all of the pancake lovers out there, as an indulgence and a treat.

We always trust recipes from Angela, author of Oh She Glows. We have all of her recipe books and our kids love them. We usually omit the sugar in her recipes but otherwise her ingredients are super healthy, colourful, simple and creative.

This specific recipe uses a homemade gluten free flour blend, which is a good alternative if you are trying to avoid white flours and gluten.

Another caution to this recipe is the type of almond milk that you choose to use. Organic is best and try to find something that contains few other additives. You can also choose to make almond milk at home quite easily if you want your food to be really pure and homemade!

As for the strawberries, these delicious berries are on the top 10 dirties foods when it comes to pesticides. Try your best when possible to purchase organic local strawberries. For most people, that will only be during the summer months where you can even grow you own on your front lawn!

Take a look and if you still want to indulge even after we have dissected most of the ingredients here, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

We do have to add that if you do choose to have this for breakfast, you might want to throw in a handful of nuts on the side for some protein and an even higher boost of nutrition!

Click below for recipe details and to find it more about the vegan sensation Angela!

Pancake Recipe Here

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