Say “Yes” To Onions!

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We all know which foods are bad for the teeth, the gums and the body, but did you know that certain foods are actually good for your oral health? Go figure, the first one I have on the list here is onions. When we think of onions and the mouth, our mind automatically yells out “Gross” as onion breath is not something you want to walk around with.

However, onions have been proven to be a fantastic food for healthy gums because they neutralize oral bacteria. They have microbial properties that target the most common types of bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities. For great gums, try incorporating more onions into your meals in stir fries, in soups, stews, chili or even raw in sandwiches, salads or on hamburgers and veggie burgers. It’s best to buy local, organic onions if possible and they are usually easily found at local farmers markets. You can even try to grow your own in your home garden!

Stay tuned for more feature foods that are both good and bad for your oral health as we continue posting each week. For more information on holistic, or biological dentistry check out the multitude of services that we offer here and start working towards being the healthiest you that you can be!

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