Dr. Stephen Wasserman


Dr. Stephen Wasserman BSc, DDS graduated from the University of Toronto. He’s been practicing since 1975 and has 42 years experience in the field to draw from. With years of practicing as a general practitioner, Stephen’s core values are centred around treating each individual patient’s dental health according to their own unique requirements. He has always had a passion for holistic wellness and natural dental care practices.

He believes that the key to overall wellness is to optimize the balance between oral and systemic health. Stephen loves to incorporate applied kinesiology into his practice. This is a painless, energy system test that aids in diagnosis of the mouth and entire body. He also is certified through the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) in laser dentistry.

In addition, Stephen has completed Postgraduate studies at the University of Buffalo Cosmetic Program, Millennium Aesthetic Institute, and the Canadian Institute for Cosmetic Dental Education (CICDE).

Stephen’s strong appreciation for integrative healing modalities include chiropractic, osteopathic, and naturopathic disciplines for health and preventative maintenance. He’s a keen advocate for a strong nutritional foundation for daily health and wellness.

Stephen personally follows what he advocates by starting each day with a superfood smoothie for optimal vitality and mental clarity. Stephen’s warm, friendly and welcoming presence emanates with each patient. He treats everyone with respect, kindness and the utmost care for their wellbeing. Outside of the clinic you can find Stephen enjoying time with his family oroutdoors on the golf course.

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