The Part Can Never Be Well Unless The Whole is Well

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Elizabeth Leslie, Registered Nutritionist
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is another way to express Plato’s quote. So often, we hear people who are deliriously happy because their surgeon who removed a cancerous tumour from their body said…”good news…we got it all”.

While I can be happy for the positive state of mind which hearing these words would create, at the same time I am somewhat skeptical that these people have been “holistically” cured of their cancer.

Just as weeds proliferate in an unkempt garden, cancer proliferates in an unhealthy body….and unfortunately, just removing a tumour does nothing to change the internal terrain (of mind, body or spirit) that helped propagate the growth of the tumour in the first place.

To illustrate the fragmented view of the human body that some doctors hold, let me tell you a little personal story. I had been sent for a stress test and it was administered by a cardiologist. I took this opportunity to ask this doctor if the small vein that was visible in my right lower leg, could be any kind of risk for a blood clot.

His answer was, “Oh…that is way too far away from your heart for me to be concerned with”. This doctor truly was a “heart” specialist, and the circulatory system, of which the heart is part, was of no concern to him. How could this be….how could he separate the organ from the whole system??

So if was this natural for this doctor to even fragment the components of the same “system”…than think how easy it becomes for example, to see the digestive system as having nothing to do with the structural system….of the reproductive system as having nothing to do with the liver, etc.

Every cell …in every organ… in every body system… are constantly in communication with each other. There are no “boundaries” in the body. At a micro cellular level the ongoing intra-communication in the human body would not be matched quantitively if you took all the communication happening on our planet right now! At a micro-cellular level, multi-tasking takes on new meaning.

So when I hear of someone being told “we got it all”….I want to say, only for the time being. The unhealthy terrain that nurtured the cancer must be changed….this change that must take place is the subject for another day. The important thing to get is that the cancer can and likely will recur if we don’t change the terrain of the body.

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