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Elizabeth Leslie, Registered Nutritionist

Why would the best doctor give the least medicine?? Well likely because they understand the healing power of the body itself. Typically when we are suffering from some uncomfortable condition or symptom, off to the Dr we go, and many times a pharmaceutical drug will be prescribed to get rid of our problem.

Often, this drug is effective in making us feel better in the short to medium term, because in most cases, it was created to deal with our specific symptom. However, it was not created or intended to deal with the underlying “cause” of our symptom, so usually, after some symptom relief, the symptom will reappear, often more painfully or problematically that our original symptom.

So let’s go back top why “the best doctors give the least medicine”. They understand that a symptom is your body doing the right thing at the right time to protect you. They understand that looking for the cause of the symptom is really important, because if the cause is not both identified and removed, the symptom will just persevere, get worse over time, with worst case scenario being that it will become a disease state.

The gradual progression towards a disease state does not halt when we only address the symptom with a drug and ignore the cause. And often the disease state manifests in a form that does not even resemble the symptom that the body created in the first place to alert us to the need for healing.

This can confound the issue as a second drug may be prescribed for the new condition, while at the same time, you are still taking the drug for the initial symptom!! So you can see in the traditional world of pharmaceuticals, it is easy to end up taking multiple medications for seemingly different conditions which in actuality stemmed from the same source (cause).

With this approach, underlying causes are not looked for. And to further compound things, these medications come with their own list of potential side effects…and yes, now we can have meds prescribed to deal with the side effects of the meds we are already taking.

This can quickly leads to a downhill spiral of health because our body interprets drugs to be toxic, so our organs now have the addition load of trying to metabolize and eliminate the toxic drug
The wise doctor then understands that the initial symptom was a good sign. The wise doctor knows that the symptom indicates a level of vitality within their patient, sufficient enough to encourage the body initiate self healing.

The wise doctor encourages their patient to establish the environment for the healing to occur. They make sure their patient is well slept, hydrated, and partakes of a health promoting diet.

So the wise doctor is the best doctor because he needs no convincing of how self healing we can be… if our body terrain is what nature wants for us!

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