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Take a peek inside our holistic integrative health centre with our 360° view. Enjoy our vibrant, eco conscious build and all of the treasures we keep inside.

Come on in! We are located at 930 St Clair Ave West in Toronto.

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Naturopathy + Osteopathy Rooms

Our integrative health rooms are fully equipped for patients with all needs. We have massage tables and specialized osteopathic tables. Our rooms are bright using natural light from our skylights. Our integrative health practitioners will walk you in and make you feel comfortable.

On-site Laboratory

For the convenience of our patients and our team, we have the advantage of accessing an on-site dental laboratory. This means less wait time and better colour matches for our cosmetic cases. When we have the ability to consult with our technologist Jason Robson, we minimize the communication breakdown that may occur due to the distance factor. Your smile and healthy, fully-functioning mouth is our priority.

Our on-site laboratory is a fundamental cornerstone of our comprehensive practice. Having a technologist in the office allows us to service you in a healthy, expedient, and affordable manner. Utilizing modern technology, we have shifted away from metal prosthesis into a world of highly aesthetic, biocompatible ceramic restorations.

Incorporating a lab into the practice has proven to be a substantial boost to our level of care. We can repair prosthetic deficiencies on-site same day. We have eliminated the cost and waste of shipping along with the hazardous toxins of unwelcome materials. We can control our materials, using the most bio-compatible materials available. Our patients are welcome to material test our compounds and utilize other options as well.

Consult + Recovery Rooms

We have several dedicated non-dental rooms that are used for Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Osteopathic consults + appointments. Our Osteopathic room has a high tech Osteopathic table that we use with all organic pillow cases and sheets.

Our consult rooms are also used as private areas to discuss treatment plans, payment plans and any other cross reference you may do with the dentists and the other practitioners

We have a dedicated recovery room for post surgery that is fully equipped with a massage chair and a TV for your comfort while you are beginning your healing process.

Reception Area

Our reception area has beautiful sunlight with all glass windows facing St Clair Ave West. We have an organic planter area with various species of plants that clean the air and are beneficial for the environment. All materials that went into our build is FCS certified and chosen consciously. Enjoy various books that can be borrowed on holistic health and related topics hand selected by our Holistic Dentist.

Find out here what we do to care for our environment.

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