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The use of amalgam fillings (silver or mercury fillings), is a well researched dental controversy. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known. Exposure and accumulation of mercury may contribute to several chronic health issues.

According to Health Canada and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), amalgam fillings are considered safe once placed in the mouth. The claim is that mercury is set and does not contribute to further toxicity.

When it comes time to remove older amalgam fillings, it is important to ensure no mercury gets absorbed into the system during the replacement. We offer an effective protocol involving a special suction unit, contained breathing source, and the requisite drilling technique amongst other nuances.

Without taking the appropriate precautions, you may become exposed to higher levels of toxic mercury.

We are removing a potential source of mercury but not addressing any potential systemic load stored in your system. Mercury is stored in our fat cells and can have devastating

consequences on our brain cells, organ function, and many facets of health. We can help connect you with a knowledgeable primary practitioner to evaluate your current metal load. We can help direct you to various options to explore this health concern.


Our materials are selected based on what is biocompatible for the average population. Where possible, we offer natural alternatives void of harsh chemicals and toxins. Interested or sensitive patients can consider compatibility testing.


We believe in offering our patients choice. We are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of treatment options. Our patients are exposed to opportunities to reduce their pharmaceutical use. Post surgery, patients can choose between a conventional antibiotic regiment and a successful homeopathic protocol.

The doctors have developed an effective all natural post surgical rinse to supplant harmful prescription rinses. It is important to make an informed choice that suits your own personal philosophy.

Begin to explore the sublime effects of homeopathy. Strengthen your system, heal faster, and feel better. Try safe effective alternatives which harness your own immune system to heal. You will potentially get well quicker, improve your immune system’s ability to combat future disease, and reduce our societal reliance on pharmaceuticals.

We only use Enzyme based disinfection control which supersedes current Canadian standards. Our office is maintained with World Wild Life Fund endorsed safe, effective cleaners for us and nature.

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