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Cavity Prevention

The Canary scan is incredible new technology used to evaluate the extent of decay in individual teeth. There is no radiation involved. Rather, we use thermography and light refraction to provide you with a detailed report regarding the location and extent of decay. We can use this as a baseline to institute preventive measures as well as monitor success.

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Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist cavity prevention

This will give us an excellent indication as to the health of your restorations as well as minimize radiation long term. This will allow us to monitor your tooth balance the same way the plaque analysis can monitor your gum balance. We can try various preventive measures and evaluate progress/success with the canary scan. This is an important tool to ascertain if your teeth are deteriorating, maintaining, or remineralizing. Once we complete the scan, the doctors will review a long term preventive approach. Typically we focus on office follow up scans along with ozone treatment and remineralisation powder.

It is time for a paradigm shift in dentistry. It is time to stop reacting to disease and start preventing. As doctors, we want to be healers rather than tooth mechanics. Book an appointment to help prevent cavity.

Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist cavity prevention

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