Cavity Prevention

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The Canary System is a precise, low-powered, laser-based instrument with an integrated intraoral camera that detects the presence of cracks and caries (tooth decay) before they are large enough to appear on dental X-rays. Intraoral camera images can be displayed for immediate chair side review with the patient.

A patient report is generated containing an odontogram with Canary Numbers, which are color-coded for the examined teeth, along with the dentist’s treatment recommendation.  This report can also be examined by the patient on The Canary Cloud. Find out more about how I use the Canary System in my office.

Shecs Cavity Guard is made in Canada and backed by science. IT reduces the rate of decay and protects the teeth by eliminating acid-producing bacteria such as Strep Mutans. IT is to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive oral hygiene approach. Use it bi-monthly by carefully applying the varnish to all surfaces of the teeth. Leave it in for 2 minutes and do not eat or drink for 30 mins afterwards. All of the ingredients are organic and made locally.

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