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Systemic Care

Systemic care is important because the mouth is the entrance to the body. It is the major entrance for microbes and disease. Critical pathways are initiated in the mouth such as digestion and absorption of nutrients. General well being is reflected in oral health. As well, oral health impacts our systemic health. The materials and toxins that are used in dentistry can potentially impact our entire systems.

There is tremendous collaboration between our immune, digestive, cardiovascular, neural, and skeletal systems. We have realized success treating dental symptoms with systemic modalities. We have also reduced “distant” malaise with dental treatment.

systemic care Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist systemic care services
systemic care Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist systemic care

We are proud to work closely with a knowledgeable team of trained osteopaths, naturopathic doctors, and homeopaths The multidisciplinary approach to health and systemic care is the proven effective approach to consistent, dependable health.

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