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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist services

Instantaneous digital x-rays and panorex allow for quicker and more accurate imaging while dramatically reducing radiation; digital x-rays reduce radiation by 50 – 90%. Coupling this with the Canary Scan allows for unparalleled diagnostic capabilities. We are one of the first offices in Toronto to convert to Digital. This has completely changed the way we can practice dentistry. Our patients no longer have to wait 5 minutes for an x-ray to develop. The detail and definition of the digital x-rays are unmatched. They can also be quickly emailed to specialists or patients when this is required.

Going digital has eliminated the harsh chemicals and lead packets previously used develop x-rays. We have managed to eliminate the two major sources of waste at the dental office, the radiograph waste and the mercury from the amalgam fillings.

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