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Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw like posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function like real ones.

Dental implants are a versatile choice for patients with missing teeth. Just like normal teeth, dental implants require the same amount of dental care, such as flossing and brushing – you’ll feel as if you’ve never lost your teeth in the first place.


The Royal College of dental surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) along with Health Canada maintain that there are no deleterious effects of a successful root canal. Healing on an X ray together with an absence of symptoms indicates safe treatment. The RCDSO promotes root canal therapy as the appropriate and conservative treatment option to preserve a tooth when the pulp or nerve becomes compromised. We offer ozone fumigation of the root canal system for further disinfection of remaining bacteria.. It is important to have an individualized conversation pertaining to your specific needs. We evaluate your systemic health, general dental health, and specifics of the tooth in question before formulating an opinion. We are committed to educating our patients, protecting our patients, and respecting their philosophies towards health. Read here to see what the Canadian Dental Association writes about Root Canals.

restorative Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist

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restorative Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist


It is a luxury to experience an onsite laboratory with a practiced dental technologist. Jason Robson, with over 20 years leading his industry, provides hands on technical support. This allows for improved, more efficient, cost saving treatment. Same day repairs are a routine with us. You may come to appreciate a same day restoration. Jason makes it possible for us to go from tooth extraction to an implant supported, screwed in temporary, in one day. We have the knowledge and flexibility to control materials if you have sensitivities or concerns. This is integrative modern dentistry at its finest.


Tired of poor sleep? Snoring or apnea disturbing your required rest? A sleeping appliance may be perfect for you. Many of our patients are finally sleeping the way they deserve. Please couple any therapeutic treatment with important preventive measures which can reduce stresses on the body and quality of sleep. Don’t just wear an appliance, understand how to cope with the root source of these issues. It is critical to have a sleep study done to understand the baseline problem. Work with our entire team to benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to sleep apnea. We will act as a quarterback and guide you through the critical steps.

restorative Regal Heights Dental Toronto dentist

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